Philadelphia’s two-wheeled revolution is underway!

In a city that’s perfect for cycling, the move to bicycles is happening in a big way. With the support of the mayor and city government Philadelphia ranked the number one big city for bike commuting per capita in the U.S.

Mayor Nutter says he wants to make Philadelphia one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

With all of these things already happening and the support from many organizations such as the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia the future looks bright.

Now if we could only do something about the cold winter..........

With recent additions of cross town buffered bike lanes cycling is now both easier and safer.
New bike lanes are also in the works for JFK Boulevard and Market Street.

One of the driving forces behind this overall initiative to re-balance Philadelphia streets toward pedestrians and cyclists is the Center City District.

For the past several years the BCGP has conducted surveys to count the number of bicycles using the streets of Philadelphia. Prior to this the Department of Transportation only counted cars and as Dennis Winters, a long time BCGP board member and Secretary has said, “If you don't count bikes, then bikes don't count.”

The results of the surveys are astonishing. The numbers of bike commuters went from 4,778 to 9,410: a 97 percent increase in 3 years.

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