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The way people rent apartments in Philadelphia is a little different from other areas of the country..

Prospective renters in Philadelphia depend less on referral services and brokers. They use the internet and local newspapers to find apartments. On the internet sites such as Craig's List are helpful. Also many apartment buildings in Philadelphia have their own website where you can find information on available apartments in the Philadelphia Area.

If you are looking for an Apartment in Philadelphia please take a look at Westminster Arch Apartments.

There's no need to pay a broker's fee to find an apartment in Philadelphia. Another good resource is , Off Campus Living you can contact Michaela Farcas and she will be happy to help.

Remember, searching for an apartment in Philadelphia doesn't have to be difficult. Start early and "do your homework" and you'll be successful.

Another good tool to use is Google Maps or Google Earth. Here you can see satellite views of the neighborhoods and surrounding areas. Google Earth will require a download but is well worth it.