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f you’re reading this odds are you’re not planning on becoming a homeowner but looking for the right apartment. Finding the right apartment whether for long term or short term is a task that can be fun and rewarding. Commit yourself to the details involved and get to it. Do you start with where you want to live or what your budget is? Starting with a realistic budget is probably the best way. Once you determine what you can spend then you can look in the area where you want to live to see what’s available in your price range.…
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  So you are relocating to Philadelphia for school or work in the near future. Here are some helpful tips in finding an apartment in Philadelphia and perhaps lower your stress level. !. Start your search at least 4-6 months in advance. Most Philadelphia apartments residents give notice two months prior to moving. So you need to start researching price range, apartment size and neighborhoods to narrow down possibilities well in advance to your moving date. 2. Students, many of the colleges and universities have off-campus resources including apartment listings. Check your school first, then any neighboring campuses. For example,…

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